Zack Ryan is an eclectic musician.  Growing up playing the Sunset Strip, he found himself immersed in the rock scene at the young age of 14.  Knowing that he wanted a career in music, he studied traditional composition at Berklee College of Music in Boston.  Zack’s diverse musical background allows him to draw upon a wide range of experiences to create a rich and unique score for each project, helping to propel the director’s vision into a musical reality. 

Most recent projects include: LEAVENWORTH (STARZ, Steven Soderbergh, prod., Paul Pawlowski, dir.) the A CHRISTMAS PRINCE trilogy (Netflix), MALIBU RESCUE (movie & series, Netflix) and orchestral arrangements and conducting for the forthcoming TRANSPARENT musical finale (Amazon).  

Additionally he has provided his musical talents to such films as The Wedding Ringer, Baywatch and Jack Reacher, and television series Blindspot and Astronaut Wives Club.  

He resides in Los Angeles with his family.






Premiering October 20, LEAVENWORTH is a 5-part military justice documentary series directed by Paul Pawlowski and produced by Steven Soderbergh.

transparent Musical finale


Zack co-arranged and conducted the orchestra for the musical series finale of Amazon’s TRANSPARENT, which premieres September 27.

a christmas prince: the royal baby


Zack returned as the composer for the final film in the A CHRISTMAS PRINCE trilogy, A CHRISTMAS PRINCE: THE ROYAL BABY.

The movie premieres on Netflix this Christmas season.


malibu rescue


Zack wrote the score for the MALIBU RESCUE movie and series, released in the summer 2019 on Netflix.